An Ode To Senator Scott Ludlam

When Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, due to speak at last weekend’s Festival of Democracy conference in Sydney, opened an A4 booklet covered in handwriting, I realised what had happened. Now that Attorney-General George Brandis’ metadata laws have been passed, the only way to avoid George and ASIO reading your work is to actually write it down on paper. (Saville 2015)

12096011_1686021531627431_2805355766058621523_nGreens Senator Scott Ludlam has become the face of the anti-metadata retention campaign in Australia these past few years with his tireless efforts to not only prevent the scheme coming into place, but to provide tactics for the Australia citizens to circumvent their data being retained.

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Hate Reading? Video Is The Way To Go!

If you are still unsure about metadata and can’t be bothered (I understand) to read all my blog posts then have a look at this clip by SBS2 posted on the 13th of this month, the same day the metadata retention scheme began.

I have posted a lot about metadata, how scary it is and how the government is the big bad wolf in this scenario. And while it is a big deal in regards to the changing digital landscape of Australia, it’s not the end of the world and there are (plenty of) ways around it if you feel concerned about your online activities being monitored.

If you have any questions regarding metadata, what it means and how you can protect it, please feel free to leave a comment and i’ll be happy to inform you the best of my ability.

– Jackie M